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Spreading the message this summer across the USA.

Summer is halfway over but we have several flights coming up. Be sure to check out our events page; we’d love to see you at a festival or rally this summer.

So far we have flown in Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Minnesota. Coming up are more flights in Minnesota and New Mexico, Washington, and South Dakota to name a few. Hope to see you soon!

Questions or comments? Contact Luke Cesnik by email – luke@freedomflight.org – or call or text to 320-267-5481.

We are Freedom Flight!

Freedom Flight is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that flies hot air balloons to support the Prisoner of War / Missing in Action issues. We are privately funded by random donors , like you. We are all volunteers! Our volunteers manage all aspects of our operation. Everything from the pilots, the crew, the artwork, the website, the events are all developed by volunteers.