About Us

About Us: Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation established in 1989, that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of the still missing Prisoners of War/Missing in Action (POW/MIA) issues. Our organization is made up of dedicated volunteers who give their time, talent and money to fly our POW/MIA hot air balloons at various events across America and the world.

Our Purpose: The purpose of Freedom Flight is to administer and operate our hot air balloons and related equipment in order to educate the public about the POW/MIA Issue.

Who We Are: 
As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the U.S Government, IRS Code. Freedom Flight, Inc. is committed to promoting awareness and honoring those who were/are held captive as a prisoner of war in a foreign country/or missing in action. The volunteer based team does this through the use of hot air balloons

Our Origin: The idea of Freedom Flight, Inc. was conceived in 1988 by our co-founders, Dr. Jim Tuorila, Ph.D. and Bill Nohner who felt that a hot air balloon would be a good means of gaining media attention. It is meant for publicizing the fact that Americans have been reported to still be alive in foreign countries and that only a ground swell of public support will bring them home.

Mission:  To increase public awareness of the the POW/MIA issue through the use of our hot air balloons.

Vision: To elevate awareness of the POW/MIA issue and to get people to raise their voices and to demand our service men & women be brought home.

What We Do: The Freedom Flight POW/MIA hot air balloons, can be seen flying at balloon rallies, city festivals, veterans functions, community parades, dedications, patriotic celebrations and ceremonies (see photo album). A Freedom Flight Balloon serves as a high impact, visual message in promoting the POW/MIA issue.

Book Freedom Flight: If you are interested in having Freedom Flight Hot Air Balloon at your event click here on “How to book Freedom Flight for your event” to get our Freedom Flight Information Packet.