Ways to Help!

So you want to help!
Great! There are many ways to help out a nonprofit organization like ours. We have many ways to help, it just depends on what you want to do. 

Let’s get to know us…
We are often asked how we fund ourselves. We are funded by the public, like you! We have survived into our 30th season by combining funds from provincial and private foundations (VFW’s, American Legions, etc.) and the generosity of the public.

We are Tax Deductible
Freedom Flight is a USA, 501(c)(3) educational, non-profit corporation promoting the POW / MIA (Prisoners Of War / Missing In Action) issues, which enables donors to deduct from their tax bill donations they make to Freedom Flight Inc.

Our Goal
Our goal is to achieve a financially self-sufficient state that will continue to provide the public with the opportunity to carry out the mission of educating the public the POW / MIA issue and to bring our solders back home, and provide the support required to pursue it thru long-term.

So how can you help?
1) Donate – The easiest way to help, is to donate funds. You can either mail a check or send money by PayPal. Check out our Donate page for more information.

2) Amazon Smile – We are on Amazon Smile. When you shop at Amazon, they will donate .05% of the total of your purchase to Freedom Flight. Visit Amazon Smile and select, “Freedom Flight, Inc.” of St. Cloud, MN to donate to. It is completely free for you!

3) Wish List – We have a list of items that people, companies or organizations can donate to help our mission. Visit our Other Ways to Help page for more information.

4) Volunteer! – This is one of the most fun ways to help us with our mission. We are always needing volunteers! Check out our Volunteer page for more information.