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As with all non-profit organizations, we are always searching for funding to support our mission. There is a basic need of funds for equipment and the day to day costs associated with field operations. Warehouse storage, balloon and vehicle maintenance, compensation for the chase team, new equipment parts purchases, and insurance, are our biggest costs.

Freedom Flight is a USA, 501(c)3 educational, non-profit corporation promoting P.O.W.- M.I.A. issues, which enables donors to deduct from their tax bill donations they make to Freedom Flight Inc.

We are often asked how we fund ourselves. We have survived into our 15th season by combining funds from provincial and private foundations (VFW's, American Legions etc.) We of course sell Freedom Flight memorabillia and other items on our own from our website to the public.

The key to the survival of a non-profit organization is generosity of private donors linked to solid endowment. We very much need a more active donation fund, to help provide a measure of financial stability over the long-term and which we hope we can build through private donations in order to maintain our existance.

Our aim is to achieve a financially self-sufficient state that will continue to provide the public with the opportunity to carry out the mission of educating the public the POW MIA issue and to bring our solders back home, and provide the support required to pursue it thru long-term.

Below is a list of items desperately needed to sustain our efforts. We are looking for corporate donations of the following: The list will be updated when new items are needed.

Below is a mock-up for presentation only
Always Needed And Appreciated

- Oil changes
- Tires
- Batteries
- Gas burner heads
- Control equipment
- Valve equipment
- Major Sponsors for Web Site
- Mustang suits
- Video projector
- Fan tubes for an inflatable
- Gloves/Mittens
- Color laser printer
- 17 inch monitor
- Air temp regulator
- Volunteers

$ 500
$ 450
$ 600

- Warehouse
- 4-wheelers
- New or Reliable Vehicles for hauling balloons to locations
- Tools - (new or used in good condition would be great)
- Automated answering machine
- Educational Building - For indoor all weather presentations, stage and bleacher area for outdoor presentations.

$ 500
$ 450

If you have something you could donate or any questions please contact
Luke Cesnik, President & Pilot at

Thank you!

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updated 11/14/17