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Freedom Flight Volunteers:
Our volunteers play a significant role and have been a major factor and in our success in helping to support the POW-MIA issue. Freedom Flight, Inc. has volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.

We invite you to get involved and experience our organization's fun activities, at the same time helping our cause to educate the public about the POW-MIA issue. There's a place for everyone. Times are flexible and there are plenty of opportunities to help out. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age - or - volunteers younger than 18 must work with a parent or a note with their approval.

Personal Data: (Please type or print clearly)

Today's Date: ___________________________________

First Name: _____________________________________

Last Name: _____________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

City: ____________________________________________

Home Phone: _____________ Work Phone: _________

E-mail: __________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________

Employer: _______________________________________

Male: ____ Female: _____ Age (if under 18) ________

Emergency Contact: ______________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________

Meaningful Opportunities: (Check items of a skill and/or interest)

_____ Event Support: Event planning to help raise awareness about the POW-MIA issue, Event Planning, Public Relations /Education, Fundraising, Public Speaking, Other (specify).

_____ Balloon Crew: Assist with equipment set-up, assist in crewing for the participating balloon team, layout, inflation,launch of hot-air balloon, chase, deflate, breakdown and pack-up after a flight. (Only for able body people).

_____ Maintenance: Automotive Maintenances, and/or Mechanical skills needed for vehicle, equipment and trailer maintenance.

_____ Hospitality: Help out with hosting duties at the Annual Fundraiser Steak Fry. (Usually the last Saturday in March)

_____ Merchandiser: Help with set-up, selling, and store Freedom Flight merchandise

_____ Promotions: Graphic Design, Web Maintenance, Data Entry, Typing, Writing/Editing, Photography, Proof Reading, Desktop Publishing, Advertising, Marketing, or other (please specify)

_____Other: What special skills/training can you offer Freedom Flight? (i.e.: Boy Scout leader, first aid, hot air balloon pilot, salesperson, media relations)

Optional Questions:

1. Do you currently belong to any other clubs/organizations/non-profit organizations: Yes ____ No ____

2. Do you have interest in the POW-MIA Issue? Yes ____ No _____

3. Do you have any medical or physical challenges that we should know about? Yes_____ No ____

If yes please explain.

Helpful Hints: (for Balloon Crewing)

- Arrive to the event early, as traffic can be heavy
- Wear natural fiber clothing such as cotton, wool or leather. Layers are recommended
including a cotton, long sleeve shirt or leather or wool jacket (do not wear synthetics)
- Heavy leather work gloves are a MUST when handling a balloon
- Do not wear jewelry that may catch or puncture balloon
- Wear sturdy, comfortable shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots
- Carry valuables in pockets or in a fanny pack
- Long hair should be tied back

* Please note that due to the highly flammable nature of hot air balloon fuel, smoking is not permitted on the field area where the balloons inflate.

Release and Indemnity:

The undersigned, in acting as a Volunteer for Freedom Flight, Inc., hereby releases its agents, officers, servants and employees of and from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of actions, whatsoever arising out of or relating to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained by the undersigned or any of the property of the undersigned.

The undersigned further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the organization, its agents, officers, servants and volunteers from any liability, which many hereafter be brought against the organization by or on behalf of the undersigned for the undersigned’s named infant in respect of any of the foregoing matters hereby released.


(Parent or Guardian Signature)

This document to be signed by all persons volunteering for the organization and must be signed by the Parent / Guardian of all participants under the full age of eighteen (18) years.

Print this form and send to:
Luke Cesnik | Volunteer Coordinator | Freedom Flight, Inc.
P. O. Box 1052 St. Cloud, MN USA 56302-1052
Tele: 1-320-203-3000

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