The POW - MIA Hot Air Balloon Team

Freedom Flight Balloon IV News Release

Minneapolis Metrodome Sept. 18th, 2001

9-18-01 Metrodome
Photo and speech provided by Jim Tuorilla

Freedom Flight, Inc. is honored to be with you tonight as we pay tribute to our fellow Americans and the suffering our Country has endured this past week.

Freedom Flight was created in 1988 as a means to raise awareness of our missing Americans and to honor those who suffered as prisoners of war during WWII, Koeara and Vietnam. Later, Desert Storm veterans were added to our cause.

Tonight we would like everyone in attendance to stand up and remember the 5,000 Americans who are now missing.

As we raise our balloon off the floor of the Metrodome, watch closely as Freedom Flight pays a special tribute to those people who we will never forget, the World Trade Center employees, our pilots, crews and heroic passengers, Pentagon workers, the New York City police officers, rescue workers and especially the firefighters who were so gallant and brave.

We offer this small token of appreciation for their ultimate sacrifice and sympathy to their families, friends and coworkers."

Jim Tuorilla, Founder & Pilot of Freedom Flight, Inc. P.O.W.-M.I.A. Hot Air Balloons.

Freedom Flight's web site is Jim Tuorila, Ph.D. is the Founder, Pilot and on Board of Directors Freedom Flight, Inc.

For additional information please contact Jim Tuorila at 320-252-7208 or send e-mail to:

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