Freedom Flight IV Inaugural Flight - St. Cloud, MN USA - June 3rd, 2001
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7-1-01 Freedom Flight, Inc. accepted the arrival of its new, traditionally black, 105,000 cubic foot hot air balloon, Freedom Flight IV on 6-1-01. Freedom Flight IV, N#8054U is a $47,000 Cameron N105 balloon purchased to replace Freedom Flight I, N#3621X which was officially retired during a St Cloud, MN ceremony in February 2001.

Freedom Flight IV had its Maiden Flight on 6-3-01 over St Cloud and St Joseph, MN and was piloted by Luke Cesnik, President, Freedom Flight, Inc. Flying alongside were Freedom Flight II piloted by Terry Fuchs and Freedom Flight III piloted by Jim Tuorila.

Its distinctive POW-MIA design commemorates Freedom Flight I and also adds a second design to the opposite side of the balloon that incorporates an American bald eagle head within the POW-MIA logo. The eagle symbolizes our American service men and women who have been held captive or are still missing.
The balloon flies for those unable to return to their loving family and the country they so honorably served. It also honors our former prisoners of war.

The balloon purchase was made possible by a generous donation from Granite VFW Post #428 in St Cloud, MN and from the numerous individuals, businesses and organizations that contributed money during our annual fundraiser in March 2001.

Freedom Flight IV is booked for over 15 events in 2001 and several more in 2002 and 2003. The highlight of this year will be its inflation inside the MN Metrodome prior to the MN Twins - Chicago White Sox baseball game on Sunday, 9-16-01 at around 12:30PM.

There are over 78,000 American servicemen and women still unaccounted for from WWII, over 8,000 from the Korean War, 1,973 from the Vietnam War and the first pilot shot down during Desert Storm remains missing!

Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization committed to educating the public about our missing Americans and encourages people to ask questions, seek answers and demand the return of all Americans unaccounted for.

Freedom Flight's web site is Jim Tuorila, Ph.D. is the Founder, Pilot and on Board of Directors Freedom Flight, Inc.

For additional information please contact Jim Tuorila at 320-252-7208 or send e-mail to:

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