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Qty Size Item Description Donation Fee
    Freedom Flight 25th Anniversary Calendar $15.00 ea
    Freedom Flight lapel pin - 2014 $5.00 ea
    Freedom Flight lapel pin - prior years $5.00 ea
    Freedom Flight t-shirt 2014 - indicate color preferences as numerous colors are available $20.00 ea
    Freedom Flight long sleeve shirt - black or white $30.00 ea
    Freedom Flight t-shirt prior years - indicate color preferences $10.00 ea
    Freedom Flight polo shirt with pocket - black or white $45.00 ea
    Freedom Flight jacket - black with gray fleece lining $185.00 ea
    Freedom Flight hooded sweatshirt size S - XL $35.00 ea
    Freedom Flight hooded sweatshirt - sizes XXL - XXXL $40.00 ea
    Freedom Flight embroidered ball cap - colors: white, red, black $20.00 ea
    Freedom Flight colored coin (coming soon) $5.00 ea
    Freedom Flight sliver coin (coming soon) $50.00 ea
    Freedom Flight hand-thrown stoneware mug (microwave/dishwasher safe) $12.00 ea
    Freedom Flight embroidered patch (coming soon) $5.00 ea
    Freedom Flight decal/sticker .50¢ ea
    POW-MIA bracelet: w/engraved name of a still missing POW/MIA $10.00 ea
    POW-MIA flag: 2 x 3 feet $25.00 ea
    POW-MIA Flag: 3 x 5 feet $35.00 ea
    POW-MIA car flag $7.00 ea
    American car flag $7.00 ea
    Shipping postage & handling - Add $9.00 per order $9.00
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Mail check or money order along with filled out form payable to:
Freedom Flight, Inc., P.O. Box 1052, St. Cloud, MN. 56302-1052
Tele: 1-320-267-5481 • Email: luke@freedomflight.org


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