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About Freedom Flight, Inc.
About Us: Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation established in 1988, that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of P.O.W. /M.I.A. issues. Our organization is made up of dedicated volunteers who give their time, talent and money to fly three POW/MIA hot air balloons at various events across America and the world.

Our Purpose: The purpose of Freedom Flight is to administer and operate our hot air balloons and related equipment in order to educate the public about the POW/MIA Issue.

Who We Are:
As a
501(c)3 tax-exempt organization under the U.S Government, IRS Code. Freedom Flight, Inc. is committed to promoting awareness and honoring those who were/are held captive as a prisoner of war in a foreign country/or missing in action. The volunteer based team does this through the use of hot air balloons

Our Origin: The idea of Freedom Flight, Inc. was conceived in 1988 by our founder, Dr. Jim Tuorila, Ph.D., who felt that a hot air balloon would be a good means of gaining media attention. It is meant for publicizing the fact that Americans have been reported to still be alive in foreign countries and that only a ground swell of public support will bring them home.

Mission: Freedom Flight's team of volunteers are committed to educating the public about our Prisoners of War/Missing in Action and encourages people to ask questions, seek answers and demand the return of all held captive in foreign countries and of all those unaccounted for.

Vision: To elevate awareness of all POW-MIA's and to get people to raise their voices and to demand our service men & women be brought home.

What We Do: The Freedom Flight POW-MIA hot air balloons, can be seen flying at balloon rallies, city festivals, veterans functions, community parades, dedications, patriotic celebrations and ceremonies (see photo album). A Freedom Flight Balloon serves as a high impact, visual message in promoting the POW-MIA issue.

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